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About us

Surrounded by green fields, old tree and a pond on the roof garden.

Space Specialist Studio environment integration has always been keen on land coring and eco friendly activities.

Since its. establishment in 2010 as Architects design studio Space Specialist Studio has developed expertise in undertaking. construction interior and landscape design. Space Specialist Studio has built  its credits under the concept of “luxury one Developed ; more green returned to earth” In 2015, Mr Suttipong 

Through years of practice in the space of architecture and land development a philosophy of “Space Specialist Studio” was blessings space returned to earth. Space Specialist Studio-lifestyle was gradually formed among peers and our way of living along with the changing of seasons year by year. the lifestyle we embrace he’s then cultivated into a unique business culture of Space Specialist Studio by pursuing “ a place of the soul to rest in substantiality of ecosystem “, we creative space the heaven and earth human and land cohabitant in perfect harmony. 


Suttipong Robkham
Managing Director / CEO

Tel: + 66 (0) 86 8444 4447 

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